Our History Began

Lord Baden-Powell visited Hong Kong on 16th April 1912 and suggested the Governor to promote scouting in Hong Kong.  A number of organisations including schools and church bodies applied to the Boy Scout Association Headquarters in England for setting up Scout Groups in Hong Kong.

The first group was organised by Major F.J.Bowen and the retired Naval Officer Albert Edwards in 1913.  This is the 1st Hong Kong Group of St. Joseph's College.

At a meeting of the scholars of St. Joseph's College, presided over by the Rev. Brother Director Adrian, Major F.J.Bowen gave a splendid address on 'Boy Scouts'.  At the conclusion of the meeting 48 boys expressed their wish to join the movement.  The College Troop as it was then called was formally established on 20 Septemper 1913 and registered with The Boy Scouts Association Headquarters in London on 1 May 1914.

Group Cheers

First, First, First Hong Kong

Green, White, Green and White

Hong Kong First and First Hong Kong

Green, White, Green, White, Green & White

Firstian Spirit

to face every challenge with smile

Firstian Motto

in search of excellence; in pursuit of leadership; in quest of harmony